Why Fitline


We understand that health is the foundation for all of the experiences you will have in life. Your health is a reflection of all of the foods, drinks, and ingredients that you consume. However, even eating healthy foods every day isn't enough to supply our bodies with all of the nutrition and vitamins we need to be in an optimal state. That’s why supplementation is beneficial and we have chosen to provide FitLine products.

FitLine is trusted by some of the world's top athletes, known for their high quality, innovative processes, scientific studies, and ability to produce real results. 

What Makes FitLine Different?


The proprietary Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC), a delivery method created by scientists, is used in the production of FitLine dietary supplements. This method supplies cellular level nutrition when it is needed, where it is needed inside and out. This allows for nearly 100% absorption, whereas the majority of supplements on the market today only allow for roughly 10–30% absorption.

Fitline is currently the market leader in Germany and one of Europe's largest direct marketing organizations in the fields of health, wellness, and beauty. PMI, the owner of FitLine, has more than 70 patents on its nutritional and beauty products. Its high-quality products are renowned among professional sportsmen as well as ordinary consumers worldwide, exactly what you’d expect when you hear “Made in Germany.”

Dietary supplements made by FitLine are non-GMO, gluten-free, made from natural ingredients, and don't have any artificial sweeteners or colors.